There’s got to be another way in…
Frozen in this emotion, an ever present restlessness.
Falling in and out of balance as I am wishing myself content.

I’m so glad you got it right but still I have chosen these red eyes
And it caught me by surprise… there is an itch in you to.
These deadly revelations, there’s got to be another way in.
No refundable admission makes you think again…

You’re changing the shape of your halo until it breaks.
And you’re bending your lies and pretend that you’ve always felt this way…
… Alone… could this be the only way in?

Standing on the edge, you ought to tie us down or set us free.
This choice wasn’t yours to make and you’re pulling us further down…

There’s got to be another way in

Deadly revelations
Vibrating conversations
Petty irritations
There are holes in the floor of the mind.