I can hear her voice… It’s so familiar.

We’re falling like rain my friend, just follow the spiral all the way home.
We’re dancing with shadows now, alone we won’t get burned again.
So why won’t you call my name I’m lost without your voice.
Alone we won’t get burned again…
We’re dancing with shadows now… alone.
My fingers are shaking, I don’t know.

It won’t come no fruit from this fragmental kindness
What good can be sprung from you following me?
I’m hoping my reason will end this drama, still reaching for more while your temple falls
It won’t come no fruit from us pushing each other.
Let us dare to go!

We need to take this time to breathe

I will try to fold it away, to sleep through this lesson again.
We failed to mend ourselves, at least I won’t lean over you no more…
I’m so sad it went this way, if I only could swallow the flames for you
I’d rather burn myself then losing you.
I can hear her voice…

It’s about time we change our ways, how come I’m feeling so cold?
I don’t mind to lose again, you should take this time to come alive!

We need to take this time to breathe.

We fall like rain and wash away the sleepless shadows on the ground
Holding hands together in this, it’s getting harder to sooth my mind.
We follow through and the circle has been done.